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Start the day Energised!



Want to start the day off feeling super energised and invigorated?! I thought so, so here’s an awesome morning ritual to give you a real pep in your step.

What you’ll need:

  • A dry Skin Brush
  • Organic Almond oil
  • Your favourite essential oil


Before stepping into the shower give yourself a dry skin brush, be sure to take big long strokes into the heart, working from the feet first, up the legs and to the heart, then the hands and arms brushing in towards the heart. Don’t forget the back and butt, once again taking strokes up and in towards the heart. 

Then grab your organic sweet almond oil give yourself a little massage all over, drop a few of your favourite essential oils into the oil, Sweet Orange is always a fresh favourite of mine. Now you’re ready for the shower, however.......... this time try swapping the hot shower in the morning for a cold one. If you really must take your usual warm shower then do so, but at the end turn it to cold and try staying in there for at least 2 mins. Start with the feet, hands and arms then thighs to get used to it then step the whole body in. Let the water run between the eyebrows and upper lip, this will help you to feel super energetic for the day ahead.

By taking a cold shower you are opening up the capillaries, you get the blood pumping, it leaves your skin looking radiant, it helps to flush the organs and it helps to keep the blood chemistry healthy and young.  You are also stimulating the central nervous system and stimulating healthy secretion of the glandular system.

I promise once you try it and get used to it, you’ll never look back and you’ll feel super energised and ready to take on the day and best of all……you’ll walk around with a youthful glow. What’s not to love about that!



Precaution:  Do not take a cold shower during pregnancy and menstruation or if you have a fever, rheumatism or heart disease. If there are any problems with sciatic nerve or high blood pressure start slowly. 


Rachel Holm ~ Hanako Therapies