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5 Simple Energy Clearing Techniques for Stress & Anxiety

It’s no secret that stress and anxiety disrupt the rhythm and flow of your body and energy. When we're anxious, the energy field usually feels spiky, zingy or jagged and can amount to all kinds of problems in our everyday life. Thankfully, there are innumerable ways to soothe the symptoms of emotional disarray, a main component being energy work, which can be profoundly relaxing and can significantly help relieve tense, jagged energy.

When the body is placed under stress (physical, biochemical or mental/emotional), the auric bodies and energetic lines can become blocked or depleted. If not cleared, these dysfunctions in the energetic system eventually manifest in physical illness and a general lack of wellbeing. Balancing the QI energy portals (which you can read more about here) will help to re-build a basic sense of safety and security and you can use specific therapeutic blends on acupressure points to assist with this at certain times of the day. See our Meridian Wheel for more information.

If you’re in constant ‘go, go, go’ mode, you can say ‘seeya later’ to inner peace. Breath work and meditation helps to re-establish harmony and flow to your energy field, and come back to the present moment where (mostly) all is well. Try to engage in regular yoga or 10 minutes of meditation per day to come back to heart and centre. While breathing can be difficult initially, it is necessary, once we have grounded a little bit, to deliver oxygen to ourselves. My favourite calming breathing cycle is a fairly classic, simple one: breathing in to the count of four, holding for the count of seven, and then exhaling to the count of eight. You might also want to do the legs up on the wall pose, which supports blood flow in the chest and core, and slows down our heart rate.

Basic grounding is also an important technique. Connecting to the earth helps to stabilise and modulate the jittery, unstable energy of anxiety. You might want to also get outdoors and move around. Nature and exercise are great healers and balancers for the energy field. For me, it's some of the best anxiety help of all. 
Aromatherapy (a form of vibrational medicine), can help to soothe the body/mind/energy at a deep level. In particular, essential oils are a beautiful way to support relaxation, balance and clear your subtle energies, manage stress, and contribute to overall wellness. These highly aromatic oils are extracted from plants and unlike artificially created perfume oils, have healing properties. Some surefire anxiety busters include Lavender which reduces stress and tension as well as Geranium which calms the nervous system, is uplifting, balancing and good for stress. Similarly orange and ylang ylang essential oils help with insomnia and are restorative when you’re feeling “wiped out”. Make sure you have a bottle of I AM… BLISS and I AM… SUPPORTED nearby at all times, for effortless energetic and emotional respite.

These simple techniques that smooth and soothe the energetic field can help to restore a sense of peace and harmony, relieving the edgy suffering that stress and anxiety bring. Always seek professional if you anxiety becomes unbearable and always be kind to yourself.
lots of love + healing light,

Rach xo