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What does bravery mean to you?

What does bravery mean to you? Sometimes bravery is remarkable, unfathomable courage by the youngest and oldest of human souls who rush forward to help everyone and put their lives on the line to save others.  Sometimes it is something as simple as walking up to that person you’ve been meaning to speak to for a while and striking up a conversation. Other times it’s having the courage to let go of something or someone that does not serve you anymore.

Whatever the definition and experience, we each are often faced with testing times that require us to awaken our lion-hearts and step forward. But sometimes this is tricky.

When I created I AM… BRAVE, the concept was to initially assist my beautiful daughters in having a peaceful sleep – away from the things that go ‘boo’. But since its launch, I’ve marvelled over what an impact I Am… Brave Courage Mist is making on so many of your lives – big and small. I thank you for sharing your stories of courage. I thank you for showing up for yourselves day in and day out, even when it is hard. I thank you for believing in yourself and being Brave.

We all are scared, just of different things and situations—and that’s okay.

Courage is to know our fears, acknowledge them and take our scared inner child by the hand. Bravery is to express our insecurities and then leave them behind us— to let them go.

{RITUAL}  Mist I AM… BRAVE over the crown of the head and take 10 deep breaths, letting the mist envelop you like a protective shield, filling your space with light, peace and empowerment. AFFIRMATION: “I am strong, I am peaceful and I believe in myself. I know my heart will always lead the way.”


Citrine Crystals and Bravery

Citrine crystals are best known for bringing about enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity.

One of the less well known Citrine properties are their strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety – those energy-sappers that drain our soul of the strength needed to forge on forward. By allowing yourself to let go of your fear it may aid you to be able to accept into your life the good that is coming your way. 

Interestingly, citrine is known to be the ultimate manifestation stone. When combined with the power of your affirmation and intention, it can help to open up the third eye and unlock your imagination, to better imagine anything that you desire. I recommend using it with a spray of I AM... BRAVE over the auric body, to fully step in your power.

On that note, I am so excited to announce, that because you were loving the limited edition Citrine Crystal gifts that came with each package, we’ve decided to add these INDEFINITELY as a gift with purchase with every order of I AM… BRAVE. So if you haven’t yet claimed yours, simply add I AM… Brave to cart, and your bottle of goodness complete with crystal token will be on its way over to you. Enjoy lion-hearts!


lots of love + healing light,
Rach xo