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Third Eye Chakra Opening For Beginners

The Third Eye is the 6th Chakra, located between the brows and is called Ajna in Sanskrit, which means ‘perception’.

Its colour is Indigo and its element is light.

It relates to Vision, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Awareness, Intuition, Higher Consciousness, and connecting to Subtle Energies.

I first began to work with my Third Eye when under instruction for a Kundalini Yoga practice years ago. My teacher led me through several sessions where we used the Third Eye as our focus point. In addition, we chanted Sanskrit mantras and meditated with our attention to the 6th chakra.

My intuition exploded; I was suddenly more acutely aware of subtle energies. I could even say that I had easier access to wisdom that had previously escaped me.

If you are rigid in your thinking and beliefs and you struggle with entertaining new ideas or beliefs, you may benefit from working with this chakra.

Read on to learn more about how to access this focal point for deep knowing and higher consciousness.


Accessing your deeper calling/intuition can be a challenge if your third eye is imbalanced, bringing feelings of disconnection and mental fogginess to the surface.

But when this chakra is cleansed and balanced, you will able to see life clearly, free from the illusions of your thoughts, and weave what is authentic together in harmony.

Being responsible for this kind of awakening has been so empowering for me, and you have this power within you too.


Whether it be through meditation or journaling, begin by setting the intention “I open myself to see and to know my inner guidance and deepest wisdom.” As soon as you begin to unwind, everything around you becomes still.

Visualisation: One such practice I love to do, is sit comfortably with eyes closed. Inhale and exhale ten times, slowly and deeply. Focus your attention on the location of the third eye chakra, imagine a violet sphere of energy in the middle of your forehead. As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, picture the purple ball of energy getting bigger and warmer. As it does, imagine it purging negativity from your body. Open your eyes when you feel ready. 

Introspection: Ask yourself “Did I invest my energy today in negativity that doesn’t serve me?” If so, take note of them, take a deep inhale, call that energy back and release it with the intention “I do not need this negativity.” Become aware of any judgements you made about yourself or others, take a deeper inhale and release them.

Gratitude: Now look at the positive things you invested energy in today, and be grateful. Then set the intention “I release the desire to know why things happen as they do and the need to have my expectations met. I welcome appreciation and deep gratitude in all areas of my life.”

Crystals: I love to placeAmethyst Crystal Points near me while I journal or on my third eye when I am meditating to help with cleansing, healing, and opening.

Essential Oils: A blend likeAwakening using pure essential oils of the Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle grounded and soothed with Australian Sandalwood can also help you reconnect with your inner knowing and cleanse the energy around you to create a zen state.


  • “I follow the lead of my inner guide.”
  • “I hear my intuition and I follow its whispers with purpose." 
  • “I am on my true path.”
  • “I trust the guidance that my third eye gives me.”
  • “I have unlimited possibilities available to me.”
  • “It is safe to follow the guidance of my third eye.”
  • “My third eye is open and ready to see all that is true.”

Much love,

Rach x