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Reiki for beginners

We had the wonderful Clara from Seed of Self featured on our blog in December last year, and now she's back again to explain to us what reiki actually is. For anyone that's been considering doing a session, this post is a juicy one and includes a little self-reiki ritual.

"Reiki is a dreamy energetic healing technique that we often see as a hands-on modality, it is also something that you can practice on yourself to speed up self-healing and as a tool for times of uncertainty.


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality - the word translates to Rei = universal collective spirit and essence, Ki = life force energy, known as Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Prana in Yogic wisdom.

Often we see Reiki as an energy clearing practice through the use of ‘healing hands’ in treatments, while this is part of the wonderful offering of Reiki it’s original intention was as a supportive tool for those on the spiritual path.

Created by Mikao Usui in the early 1800’s, Usui was a Japanese monk whose study of the Tibetan Lotus Sutras led him to find and adapt this ancient healing technology. He believed that this energy work would assist both the healer and healee.

This is why many people who seek Reiki healing for something as everyday as anxiety from this connection end up pursuing a much more conscious lifestyle.


While Reiki practitioners have received particular openings and clearings of their energy centres or chakras (known as attunements) to allow a greater flow of energy through their bodies every one of us is able to perform Reiki healing.


A guide to self-healing with Reiki


1. Sit or stand with your hands in prayer position at the heart - in Yoga known as Anjali mudra, in Reiki we call this Gassho.


2. Close the eyes and meditate on imagining your breath coming down through the crown of your head, up through your feet and meeting at a swelling at the navel - in Yoga known as the Sacral chakra, in Japanese chakra systems this is the Hara.


3. As you exhale imagine all of that swelling energy flowing down your arms and coming out of the palms of your hands and fingertips.


4. Once you feel comfortable with this energy you can begin to imagine that it is made of a white, golden light like starlight, flooding and shining brightly, illuminating the space around you.


5. Continue with this breath and light meditation and moving the hands to places of the body that you feel need healing. Intending the energy to fill that space in the body, as you do this the heat in your hands may increase.


6. There is no limit or restrictions on Reiki healing, it’s a beautiful practice that will help cultivate bodily awareness, gratefulness and a freer flow of Prana. Include this in your daily meditation or yoga practice for a deepening experience.


You can also seek out your nearest reiki practitioner for a more wholesome experience.

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