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How to cleanse your crystals under the new moon

We have a new moon in Taurus approaching on April 26th, marking the beginning and end of the 28 day lunar cycle.The ocean will particularly feel the effects of this celestial energy, creating powerful tides that climb up especially high and tides that plunge especially low. This depicts one’s emotions around this time; tumultuous, erratic; frivolous and joyous.
It’san excellent time for purging old energy, making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting any new project. This period especially asks that we face any rippling situation with courage and bravery, keeping calm and grounded; recognising that life is transient and ‘this too shall pass’.
As with all moon phases, you canwork with the deeply restorative energy of the moon, using crystals to make sure your auric body is as energetically clear as possible.
Because crystals hold onto the energy they take in from you and from their environment, it’s good practice to purify their vibration on a regular basis, especially if you use them often or with others.

Below, learn how to cleanse your sacred stones under the lunar moon energy:
Listening to calming music (I love playing the Devi Prayer in the background) and chanting mantra is a beautiful way to stay in the moment during such a sacred practice. Sometimes I’ll gong the sound bowls too, which has a totally enchanting effect over the whole cleansing process. Totally optional, of course.
Wash and dry your crystals under water – even better if it’s with ocean water. Set them down on the Earth for their moon bath – a beautiful way to deeply connect to the core of Mother Nature. If you can’t put them on the ground, try a table somewhere outdoors.
To supercharge your stones, select whichever Hanako formula aligns with your intentions for the lunar period. If you want to call in lion-hearted courage, try spritzing the stones with I AM… BRAVE. If you wish for support, I AM… SUPPORTED will aid in protective care and guidance. For a deeper connection to your heart space, and particularly if you are charging a rose quartz stone, spray with I AM… LOVE.
As you place each one down on your flat surface, ask for what you want to channel or call in and then name something you want to release from your energetic body. Imagine them being soaked in healing energy as you do this. Leave them outside overnight, knowing as the beautiful celestial moonlight sweeps over them, their vibration will increase and they will be absorbing the highest form of energetic frequency.
I like to express thanks and gratitude the following day when I collect the charged crystals. To Mama Nature. To the elements. To myself and loved ones. I then burn sage sticks and wave them over the crystals to completely purify their energetic frequency, and then place them where I need to, bringing them out each time I’m about to undertake a spiritual practice, partake in yoga or meditation, alchemise Hanako formulas or simply propping them under my pillow or near me whenever I need to manifest or recalibrate. The girls love holding a citrine crystal in their hands each time we spritz I AM… Brave over them before bed. Such a gorgeous little ritual.
Happy new moon to all xo