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  • Spleen Meridian
  • Spleen Meridian
  • Spleen Meridian

Hanako Therapies

Spleen Meridian

$21.95 AUD

10 ML / 0.33 FL.OZ


Location: Spleen 6- located 3 finger breadths up and away from the inside of the ankle bone, above the 3rd finger and just off the edge of the bone. A great point to calm and soothe the mind when there is indecision and over thinking.  
Spleen 9- located below the top of the tibia bone, on the inside of the leg. A nice point for general balance, wellness and if you’re feeling over worked and stressed out.
Directions: Apply to spleen acupressure point and massage with fingertip.
Body Clock Time: 9am-11am
Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: worry, confusion, attachments, stubbornness, addictions, forgetfulness, obsession, negative reoccurring thoughts
Energy Balanced: Content, focused, empathetic, grounded, satisfied, bond easily.
Affirm: “I am content, centred and satisfied with my life.”






SPLEEN MERIDIAN- therapeutic properties

Frankincense- Traditionally used for stagnant Qi- assisting to smooth the flow. Due to its calming effects it can help to instil peace and quieten the mind.

Black Pepper- Known for energising a tired body and mind. Historically used as a stimulant for the digestive system.

Benzoin- Associated with the Earth element it comforts, elevates and protects, comforting for those that tend to over worry and over sympathise.

Fennel- Traditionally used to promote healthy digestive function it assists in invigorating the spleen energy.

Ginger- Traditionally used for soothing digestive disorders. Associated with the Earth element, it’s good for those that have a tendency to over worry and over sympathise.

Bitter Orange- Traditionally used for regulating stagnation of stomach and spleen Qi.


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