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  • Personalised Prescriptions by Rachel
  • Personalised Prescriptions by Rachel
  • Personalised Prescriptions by Rachel

Hanako Therapies

Personalised Prescriptions by Rachel

$129.95 AUD



Each blend is about supporting us and our many different states of being and carving out time to look after ourselves and create our own self love and care rituals that can help us on our journey.

Utilising a beautiful combination of energy work, intuitive healing, herbal remedies and tools to assist in transmuting negative beliefs and emotional wounds, Rachel will help you create a profound shift in your life so you can manifest a better world for yourself. You will get a chance to connect with Rachel on a deeper level, as she provides a personalised healing service like no other that seeks to empower people to deepen their state of soul-consciousness through the power of plant medicine and ritual so they can lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

A Note from Rachel

The Process

I have a Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Kundalini Yoga teacher training and more than a decade of expertise in Aromatherapy and Apothecary. Using the wisdom of what I have been taught but also relying on my own intuition, I know how to support the lines of energy around the physical body by using different acupressure points, energy work and pure essential oils that have been traditionally used to support organs and states of being. I look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level.


After purchasing this special gift, your Personalised Alchemy Kit will consist of a one on one call together, be it Skype, phone call or Facetime where we will discuss what is preventing you from feeling happy or unfulfilled and what you may be going through at this particular time. You may simply be interested in herbal medicine, or wishing to take a more holistic approach to your health. This service is entirely unique to you. After our chat, I will then do an energetic tune in where I’ll come up with the most suited elixirs for you at this time. 


I will put together your tailored kit – filling it with mantras and blessings. It will contain an I AM… 2 meridian blends, an essence, a sage or palo santo stick and a crystal. I’ll also include a write up on what was selected, why it has been selected along with a few pointers and tips to support your beautiful self.


I will send you your beautiful Alchemy kit so the healing process can begin. Each blend is about supporting us and our many different states of being and carving out time to look after ourselves and create our own self love and care rituals that can help us on our journey. We can create our own Mindful moments by starting our day by closing our eyes and spraying over the crown of the head with any one of our aromatherapy elixirs, letting the mist fall through the energy field, feeling it touch our skin, taking a deep inhale and breathing in the vibrational elixirs and affirming our intentions. Letting it work its magic in a way that is best suited for us.


 You will receive a follow up to see how you are going so you feel supported and loved through this precious journey.

  Ignite self-awareness, become empowered and be inspired by the body’s ability to self heal.

All my love,



After purchase an email will be sent immediately to you with instructions.


What is an I AM...spray ?  Hanako’s ‘I Am...’ Vibrational Scents were carefully created to provide a natural alternative to synthetic perfumes. Derived from  the Earth’s raw materials – using pure essential oils, gem and flower essences, crystal-infused purified water – and mantra, this Natural Perfume range helps to raise your spirits and energetic being, not only through scent but through the energetic properties each ingredient holds.


What are Meridian Blends ? Hanako’s Meridian Blends were carefully created to complement the 12 main lines of energy – or qi – that flow within our energy anatomy called the ‘Meridian System’. Based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, these aromatherapy blends can be applied to specific acupressure points to encourage correct flow of energy around the body, and to achieve harmony and balance within.

What is a Hanako Essence ? Hanako’s Essences are an under the tongue remedy that assist to support emotional wellbeing and encourage transformation for soul development and growth. When patterns of behaviour become stuck, essences serve to illuminate other pathways of being, helping to support an awakening of one’s inner self and encourage healing to take place on a subtle yet deep level and help transform consciousness beyond your present state.

Why Sage ? 

White Sage is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grown mostly in California.

It is regarded as the most sacred herb of all smudging herbs. Smudging is a sacred ceremony that has been around for hundreds of years traditionally used by Native American Indians and other Indigenous cultures, where the smoke from burning sage attaches to negative and heavy energies from the auric field, the energy surrounding your physical body, and the surrounding atmosphere then carries it back up to spiritual light, assisting in purifying, protecting and restoring balance.

It can be used for cleansing the body, home, workplace or objects and should be used with reverence and gratitude.

Palo Santo ? 

Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood

Bursera Graveolens

Palo Santo is native to South America and used by Native Peoples for ceremonial purposes and healing. With a beautiful sweet and woodsy aroma, it can be used as you would a Smudge stick or incense.

It is a wonderful tool to use before going into Meditation helping to clear and raise your vibration but also ground for deeper connection to Higher Power. The mystic of this Holy Wood can be felt at first light, leaving you mentally and emotionally clear and calm.

For health and wellbeing benefits; it is often used for headaches, common colds and flu, asthma sufferers and for stress and anxiety.

Use with reverence and gratitude.

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