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  • Large Intestine Meridian
  • Large Intestine Meridian
  • Large Intestine Meridian

Hanako Therapies

Large Intestine Meridian

$21.95 AUD

10 ML / 0.33 FL.OZ


Location: Large Intestine 4- DO NOT PRESS IF PREGNANT, located between the thumb and the index finger in the webbing of the hand. A good all over point to stimulate for the function of the L.I. and lovely for the complexion.  
Large Intestine 11- located just before the bone in the crease of the elbow (lateral, thumb side). Best known for clearing heat.
Directions: Apply to L.I. acupressure points and massage with finger tip. Do not use if pregnant.
Body Clock Time: 5am-7am
Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: guilt, worry, holding on, inflexibility, claustrophobia, control issues, self worth issues, resentment, narrow minded, vulnerability
Energy Balanced: Confident, easily let go, eliminate, feelings of freedom, clearing, courage, compassion.
Affirm: “I now release anything that no longer serves me on my path to well being. I am safe, I am love, I forgive and I let go.”




LARGE INTESTINE- therapeutic properties

German Chamomile- calming, relaxing and soothing. Traditionally used for its anti- spasmodic properties, promoting healthy bowel function.

Fennel- Promotes healthy digestive function and stimulates L.I. Qi. Encourages one to communicate freely rather than suppressing feelings where they can build up and congest.

Tea Tree- Historically used as an anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti infectious properties and for soothing inflammation.

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