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  • Gallbladder Meridian
  • Gallbladder Meridian
  • Gallbladder Meridian

Hanako Therapies

Gallbladder Meridian

$21.95 AUD

10 ML / 0.33 FL.OZ


Location: Gallbladder 20-located between the base of the skull and neck muscles. Aids in relieving tension.
Gallbladder 21-Located on the big muscles at the base of the neck. Are the muscles are tight?, this is not uncommon, a good indication of tension. A nice point to stimulate if you are suffering from fatigue or
nervous tension.
Directions: Apply to G.B. acupressure points and massage with fingertip. DO NOT STIMULATE THESE POINTS IF PREGNANT.
Body Clock Time: 11pm-1am
Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: anger, aggression, timid/shy, unclear thoughts and indecision, jealousy, bitterness
Energy Balanced: Clear thinking, inspired and good decision making.
Affirm: “I am willing to gently let go of and release any repressed emotions, in a positive and constructive manner.”




GALLBLADDER MERIDIAN- therapeutic properties

Bergamot- Traditionally used to harmonise Gallbladder and Liver Qi along with stomach and intestines, encourages flow and soothes nervous tension.

Chamomile- Associated with the Wood Element; assists in easing frustrations and nervous tensions.

Lavender- It has a cooling effect and calms the mind. Traditionally known for its therapeutic properties, assisting one to release pent up energies and ease frustrations.

Bitter Orange- Assists in unblocking stagnant Qi to Liver and Gallbladder and encourages positive emotions.






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