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For some people, this moment can be a joy and a subtlety – a new job, an engagement, or the chance to travel overseas. For others it can come with the force and suddenness of a sledgehammer and pain beyond belief. For Rachel and Jeff, the founders of Hanako Therapies, it brought both.

That defining moment was October 23, 2009. They were given the news that their precious daughter Sierra had passed two days before she was due to be born.

This is something that no parent should ever have to face. The shock and pain are heart-breakingly sudden and go to depths that are frankly unimaginable for anyone outside this circumstance. But Rachel and Jeff, despite their grief, chose to embrace the last few days with their little girl, with love and light and courage – and above all, with hope.


It was this profound experience that provided the momentum for that shift in their life’s direction.

A keen world traveller throughout her professional dance career, Rachel has always been deeply interested in the different cultures and alternative methods of healing she observed, especially those embodied in the Eastern philosophies and traditions. When she responded to acupuncture in her early 20s after other treatment failed to help her with a nagging aliment, it took her further down the path to ‘tell me more’. Then, when she fell pregnant with Sierra, she began to further her studies as she fully appreciated the joy in meditation and reflection.

Rachel started her research into Energetic Healing, and in many ways, she says Sierra’s birth, and the events afterwards became the guiding light that she needed to follow her path to learn more. She completed her two-year Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing in 2011, and during this time she and Jeff were blessed with the gift of another beautiful little girl – Willow.

In 2013, the family took a leap of faith and set on an adventure year in the USA – Jeff’s country of origin. Rachel continued her studies here in Aromatherapy and as an Apothecary, as well as Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. The seeds of Hanako Therapies were born… and Willow was one of the key ingredients! 




Mid-year they took a road trip across the States – but Willow suffered terribly from carsickness. Rachel scoured the aisles of pharmacies and health food shops without success for child-friendly natural remedies, so she took matters into her own hands, putting together a blend for digestion and upset stomachs, adding to it some vibrational essences for the constant changes and environments they would encounter.

Rachel rubbed it onto Willow’s wrists, feet and stomach before blast-off each day. The result? No bucket, no tears… and a great trip for every member of their little family. "Happy Tracks" was born.

Rachel was so inspired and intrigued by the results of using the earth’s raw essences – and by the beauty of the land they were travelling through – that by the end of the journey she had created nine new environmental essences to help in supporting, balancing and uplifting the body and mind’s energy. They are now the core of the Hanako Therapies range.

Rachel and Jeff have founded Hanako Therapies through a journey that came from a massive shift in their own momentum. They personally know what it is like to be at a point where you need to take a step back and find balance and focus – and clarity. As Rachel says:

“Our bodies know how to heal just as nature knows how to heal and balance. If only we’d listen to what it needs - and trust that it knows what it’s doing. I want these products to enrich the lives of many users, knowing that they are made of pure, natural ingredients.

You know exactly what you are putting onto your body. Allow yourself a moment to create a sacred space for yourself before you set out for the day. Take a deep breath, affirm and envelope your being with positive energy, awareness, support, love and kindness.”


Every elixir is made with reverence, love and gratitude from our hands and hearts to yours. We hope you enjoy.

Rachel xx

Enjoy I AM...Bliss, starting each day with a smile.