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Dijanna Mulhearn

Dijanna Mulhearn I have always been suspicious of aromatherapy with memories of stale patchouli haunting me from the past. I reluctantly tried Hanako without real expectations and am astounded at the results. Chronic headache sufferers will be familiar with the quiet panic of the first twinge in the neck or flash in the eye. Reaching for the Hanako gallbladder meridian bottle and applying it to pressure points around the shoulders and neck provides almost instant relief, I even wave the bottle under my nose for good measure. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does and it has saved me on many occasions. I am converted.

As a writer my life depends on deadlines and often it is impossible to stop the mind wandering away from the job at hand, even getting started can be a real challenge. A quick spray of Hanako’s I Am … Inspired brings me back to focus on the job at hand as well as elevating my mood. I also love I Am … Bliss. A spray before bedtime smells sublime and really puts my mind to rest and ready for sleep.

Dijanna Mulhearn
Author and Public Speaker
Wardrobe 101