Hanako has created a beautiful line of unique gift packs. Enjoy a free Pink Clay Face Mask and complimentary gift wrapping.

Be Blissful Pack

$54.95 AUD

Hanako’s Bliss pack was created to summon joy and bliss into the everyday. A gorgeous way to put a smile on mum’s face.  Be Blissful Pack - I AM...Bliss, Dream Mist, Dream Soak with Free...

Sleep Sweetly Pack

$32.95 AUD

 Everything mum needs to sink into a meditative sleep. Featuring Hanako’s Dream Bath Soak and Dream Mist Sleep Spray Sleep Sweetly Pack - Dream Mist, Dream Soak, Free Face Mask and Complimentary Gift Wrapping Hanako’s...

Energetic Cleanse Pack

$29.95 AUD

 Cleanse and energise the auric field with nurturing elixirs and tools to help centre and calm. Energetic Cleanse Pack -- 2 palo santo sticks 1 sage stick and 1 clear quartz with Free Face Mask...

Goddess Pack

$74.95 AUD

For mum and daughter - enjoy this immersive kit that helps awaken the inner goddess within. Goddess Pack --I AM..Faith, Cathedral Rock Essence, Rose Generator Tower, Free Face Mask and Complimentary Gift Wrapping I AM...Faith is...

Awakening & Awakening Body Polish

$29.95 AUD

Reconnect. Energize. Rise Hanako Latest Creation  An amazing citrus wake me up elixir using pure essential oils of the  Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle grounded and soothed with Australian Sandalwood.   A blend to awaken, revitalize...